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Why I'm Running

My original goal in running for trustee in 2021 was to play a positive role in ending the dysfunction and divisiveness that had taken over. I am proud to say that I have been able to play that role, thanks to the support and collaboration of my colleagues. As a result, we have created a very effective Village Board that has successfully accomplished the following:

Updated Village codes to reflect current values and priorities.

We simplified and realigned the commercial zoning code based on extensive input from residents. This reform ensures that the look and feel of future development reflects community values and priorities.

We updated the parking code to make it more friendly to all residents and lower the cost of new housing.


Championed initiatives that improve quality of life through diversity, inclusion, and fiduciary and environmental stewardship.

We started the work to create a strategic plan to dismantle barriers that perpetuate marginalization, inequity and exclusion.

We reinforced our Village’s commitment to green development, from infrastructure replacement to adding hybrid vehicles to the Village fleet.

We took action to improve pedestrian safety, including support of street designs that focus on traffic calming.

We acted as responsible fiduciary stewards, supporting smart investment that maintains desired services and supports retention of talent and remaining open to growing our overall tax base through new development.

We initiated the largest sewer infrastructure project in Shorewood’s history, which will put an end to decades of sewer back-ups for residents of the Southeast Quadrant.

Supported effective policing that reflects our community values.

As a member and now chair of the Public Safety Committee, I led the implementation of recommendations from a comprehensive policing review, including improving the complaint process. I also have worked closely with the new Police Chief, who has brought a commitment to equity and public engagement and has improved morale within the police force.

That’s a lot — and it’s also just for starters. Much of what I have listed is the first phase in multi-year initiatives that must continue to move forward in order for the community to reap the benefits. That requires leadership to see this work through, as well as to consider future opportunities, including seeking grants that subsidize the replacement of our 3,000 lead laterals.

The experience I have acquired in my first term, in addition to the commitment my family and I have made to Shorewood since first moving here in 2006, make me uniquely qualified to continue my service in this capacity. And that’s why I’m asking you for your vote.

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