Vote Tuesday, April 6th


Friends and neighbors:


I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the Shorewood Village Board.


When my family and I were looking for homes in the Milwaukee area in 2006, we sought high-quality schools, walkability and proximity to Lake Michigan as well as the vibrancy of city life.


We found all of that here in Shorewood. But most importantly, we found amazing people. It’s the conversations, friendship, laughter and support we share with fellow Shorewoodians that make this Village a home.


I’ve lived in enough places to understand what we have in Shorewood is special. It’s a gem of a community for many reasons, and, in my view, it has gotten better over time. The beach is improved. Our downtown is more vibrant. Our excellent schools are on a stronger footing than when we arrived here.


I am particularly heartened by our commitment, as a community, to addressing issues of inequity.


But it’s clear the pandemic and its fallout will raise new challenges for our Village. I don’t doubt for a second that our passionate, involved citizens will offer myriad ideas for moving us forward. I believe that by working together, we can effectively address our toughest challenges, and emerge as a stronger and more equitable Village.

© 2021 Jim for Shorewood
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