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Vote Tuesday, April 2


Friends and neighbors:


I am delighted to announce I’m running for another term for the Shorewood Village Board.
I’m proud of what the Village Board has accomplished over the past three years. I am seeking another term so that I can continue our work on issues ranging from pedestrian safety to determining the future of the DPW yard.

If elected to a second term, I pledge that I will be:

  • A representative who will listen to all perspectives, value transparency and seek to represent our citizens honestly and honorably

  • A champion for making our Village a more equitable community

  • A responsible fiduciary steward committed to maintaining the strength of our community while ensuring our long-term financial health and protecting our taxpayers

  • An advocate for responsible development that benefits our community and our taxpayers

  • A public servant who believes in constructive, solution-oriented collaboration among community stakeholders

Jim Arndorfer Vertical Profile.jpeg
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